Why pet parents love our services

Take care of your pet's needs, all in one place.

We care for your pets health and well-being. All our mobile groomers who cover Guildford, Dorking and Surrey are all pet first aid trained. We can also offer advice on nutrition and behaviour.

Personalized service with consultations

Safety always comes first

1-1 Mobile grooming appointments


Mobile Grooming Spa in Guildford, Dorking & Surrey.

We offer a full range of mobile grooming services

We offer complete bath, haircut & mobile grooming services.

Bath & Brush

Perfect for short haired breads or an in-between groom.

Service includes:

Warm bath

Specially selected shampoo

Gentle blow-dry

Nail trim & ear cleaning

Face tidy

Feet tidy

Brush/ comb out

Spritz of perfume

Full Groom

For dogs who require a hair cut or double coated breads.

Service includes:

Warm bath

Specially selected shampoo

Gentle blow-dry

Full body trim to required style

Face & feet tidy

Brush/ rake out for double coated dogs

Nail trim & ear clean

Spritz of perfume


Ultrasonic teeth cleaning for dogs

Service includes:

Ultra sound cleaning

Silent and motionless tartar removal

Stress free for the dog

No sedation or anaesthetic needed

Effective against plaque, tartar, gum inflammation and bad breath

Destroys bacteria

Reaches deep into gum pockets

Need a quick wash?

Keep your dog clean without dealing with the mess.